Cave Shark is a game about a little red fish with a rocket pack.

Red Fish collects water under water.
He can jump out of the water while he has water in his pack.
While in the air, he sucks up air into his rocket pack.
He can boost forward under water when he has air.

Spend your water rocket and air booster wisely. You'll need to switch back and forth frequently.

There is a Cave Shark coming for you. You can slow him down with flying fish. He is only dangerous when is mouth is open.

Slows down the Cave Shark!
Will make your air tank and water tank bigger!
Gives you 500 points!
-200 points and damages your rocket!
Chomps you. He is only dangerous when his mouth is open.

Cave Shark was made in about 12 hours of coding by three people:

Adam Gousetis
George Lu
Wolff Dobson

Cave Shark is a Hackathon game!